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Link Exchange Requirements

Your site must be related to YOGA or Meditation.
We DO NOT participate 3-way links or third-party linking arrangements.

Exception: If you'd like to list your yoga site but can only link back to us from your blog or secondary site, that's entirely OK. We are just trying to avoid listing yoga sites in exchange for links on completely unrelated websites belonging to different owners.

Why we might Not include your link

We missed your email, or your link request hasn't been processed yet.
If you feel your site is a good link match to our site, please wait a few weeks before emailing us again and perhaps try emailing from a different address.
Your site appears lacking in content and/or is overwhelmed by advertising.

This is a human-edited directory, and we reserve the right to choose our link exchange partners.
We send confirmation emails to all link partners once they are added to our yoga link pages.

P.S. Since all links here are "Yoga" links, we avoid adding links with the anchor/title "Yoga".
The same applies for other too-general phrases such as: "meditation", "yoga mat", "yoga teacher", etc. Please use the name of your website / company / article / etc when submitting your Link Title. Thanks!

Please send your link info to Kim (our email) with the Subject line: Yoga Link Request. If you'd like to be listed on a specific page, please let us know!

Link Suggestions for linking with us: - Articles and software on yoga and meditation.

Yoga Centers Directory - Global Directory of Yoga Centers, Studios and Teachers!

Yoga Freeware - Free yoga software for health and self-awareness.

Yoga Portal - Gateway to the best yoga resources. Everything about Yoga.

Page-Specific Examples:
Yoga Style Definitions, Proof for the existence of God, North London Yoga Teachers, Texas Yoga Centers

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HTML Code Example:
<p><a href="" ></a> - Articles and software on yoga and meditation.</p>

Result: - Articles and software on yoga and meditation.

Please email your link info to our email with Subject: Yoga Link Request

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